Certificate Download Link

Dear Participants,

I’m sorry for the late announcement.
Regarding the certificate, you can download the certificates by accessing following link:

Certificate of Completion
Given to: All students (and a teacher) who have submitted their game (including Winners and Shortlists students)

Certificate of Participation
Given to: All coordinating teachers for the team who have submitted their game (including Winners and Shortlists coordinating teachers)

Certificate of Recognition
Given to: Winners and Shortlists students

Certificate of Appreciation
Given to: Winners and Shortlists coordinating teachers

Congratulations! Thank you very much for your participations during this Game Development Online Training.

If you found incorrect information of your full name, title, or school name, please kindly contact wisnu@seameo.org.

Winners Announcement

Dear Teams,

Well done for your great presentations in the final judgment session!

I’m glad to see and play the game that you have developed.
It is beyond my expectation which is great. Great to see that all of the students are able to work as a team in order to achieve your goal, which is developing the great game.

Herewith are the winners for the SEAMEO School Network: Game Development Online Training Competition:

1st Winner:
“The Frog and The Moon”
by GAME-087
The Prince Royal’s College
Coordinating Teacher: Lattawat Sonsrinusorn
– Rawipat Tipparat
– Pocharapon Wiratpong
– Chayanuch Na Lampang

2nd Winner:
“Cisewu & Timun Mas”
by Varokah Team
SMA Negeri 21 Surabaya
Coordinating Teacher: Rusdiana Halim, S.Pd
– Annas Nuril Iman
– Amin Hanif Mahmud
– Rhyosvaldo Aurellio Tilasefana

3rd Winner:
“Super Pitung”
by The Lucky Nut
Coordinating Teacher: Muhammad Miftakhul Falah M.Pd., M.Si
– Avinda Mumtaz Ziauddin Ahmad
– Muhammad Reynaldo Ali Sya’bana
– Hafizh Khasyi Al Farizi

4th Winners (3 Teams):
“Quest to Confess”
by The GgCb Clan
Coordinating Teacher: Noraini Rahman
– Nur Insyirah binti Rosli
– Zaynab Zakiyah binti Othman
– Nur Ayesha binti Mohd Adzlee

“The Hero’s Journey”
by Handybits
Sisowath High school
Coordinating Teacher: Som Dara
– Huotkeo Devit
– Ung Vanndy
– Mom Monyratana

“Legends of Brunei”
St. Andrew’s School
Brunei Darussalam
Coordinating Teacher: Antvan Jesudass
– Clement Joshua Dev
– Owen Gabriel Tendencia Robles
– Cheah Kah Cher

To extend the appreciation for student’s outputs and effort for developing the game, SEAMEO Secretariat has increased the prizes for the winning teams as follows:
1st Prize Winner: 400.00 USD
2nd Prize Winner: 300.00 USD
3rd Prize Winner: 200.00 USD
4th Prize Winners: 100.00 USD for each team.


For this occasion, I would like to say thank you for your participations for this program to all teams.
I hope that you got the benefit and gained knowledge and memorable experiences from this program.

Congratulations to the winners!
We will post the officials announcement on our website soon on this link:
SEAMEO School Network: Game Development Online Training
For further information, we will contact the winning teams.

Don’t stop to be creative!


Late Submission Chance

Dear Teams,

As informed during this program, the expected output for each team are:
– Game Design Document (PPT)
– Final Game (.CAPX and .RAR / .ZIP)
Unfortunately, not all of the teams can submit their assignments in time due to various reasons.
In relation to the matter, we have a good news for the team who didn’t submit their assignment yet. we have decided to accept the late submission.
Please note that this late submission is opened in order for you and your team to get the certificate of completion of this program, not for the competition (since we already have the shortlisted teams).
Your team can directly send the assignment to my email address: wisnu@seameo.org with the following information:
– Subject: LATE SUBMISSION [Your School Name][Your Team]
– Attach the assignment files (.PPT, .CAPX, and .RAR / .ZIP)
The theme is still the same: Game based on the Folktales / Legends / Myths from your country.
The assignment should be submitted no later than 11 June 2017 23:59 PM (Bangkok Time).
Please read carefully the instructions on game design document and how to submit the final game:
We do hope you still have the spirit to develop your own game!
Do your best!

Shortlisted List of SEAMEO School Network Game Competition

Dear Teams,
We would like to thank the participants of Game Development Online training who submitted the game design and final product to the instructor. Totally we have received the submission of games from 62 teams who are students of secondary schools in Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia,  Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and India.
To view all games submitted to instructors, please click this link:
Please kindly check your information because we will generate the eCertificate for the teams who submitted their game.
After assessment by the internal committee, we are pleased to announce the 15  teams who are selected as shortlists as follows.
To view the 15 shortlists, please click this link: 
To select the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners of the Game Development, the 15 shortlisted teams are requested to make an on-line presentation about their game on Friday 2 June at 14.00 -16.00 hrs to the Judging Committee.
Herewith the note for the shortlisted teams:
  • The shortlisted teams will be requested to make a presentation according to the alphabetical order of the school name.
  • The duration of each shortlisted team’s presentation is about 7 minutes/team for a presentation + 3 minutes of Q&A from the Judging Committee.
  • For the shortlisted teams who are not able to make a presentation on 2 June as scheduled, the team will be disqualified.  
The presentation schedule by Webex is as follows:
Meeting Title: Presentations of Shortlists (Game Development)
Date: Friday 2 June 2017
Meeting Time: 14.00-16.00 (Bangkok, GMT+07:00)
(Requesting shortlists and participants to log-in before the meeting time at 13.30-14.00)  
Max Number of Participants:  198
Webex Meeting Link: 
Event Number: 572 992 084
Event Password: 1234
We welcome other students, teachers, and other participants to attend the presentation session.
Thank you and well done for all of the teams who joined our SEAMEO School Network program, we hope you gained great experience on developing your very own game.

Timeline Update

Dear teams,

Thank you for your submission and congratulations, you have published your very own game! We still summarizing the submission of  the final game.

Due to extension of the submission back then, we need to adjust the timeline. Herewith the new timeline of our programme:

Activities Schedule
  1. The Last Day of Training Sessions
21 April 2017
  1. Publishing Games Online by Students and Teachers, and Submission of Games to the Instructor    


Wed  17 May 2017 (Midnight) – EXTENSION
Instructions for submission will be provided by the Instructor.
  1. Screening by the Internal Committee and Selecting the Shortlists of Category A-Students (10 Best) and B-Teachers (5 Best) 


18-25 May 2017 (REVISION)
  1. Announcement of the Shortlisted Games of Category A (Students) and B (Teachers) on SEAMEO Website and email
Friday 26 May 2017  (REVISION )
Published on the SEAMEO Website
  1. Presentation of the Game Projects by Shortlists 


Friday 2 June  2017 (REVISION)  
Afternoon- Time to be confirmed

  • Attended by the Judging Committee Members (Online and Face to Face)
  • Online Presentations by Shortlisted Students and Teachers (Through Webex)
  1. Announcement of the Awarding Students and Teachers
Tuesday 6 June 2017 (REVISION) 

By this week, we will announce the Shortlisted Games.

Stay Tune!

Submission Deadline Extension

Dear Teams,
Due to some difficulties faced by some teams and some technical problems to upload the final game to the folder, I hereby the extension of final game submission deadline to be : Wednesday, 17th May 2017, 23:59 PM Bangkok Time.
I hope that you can finalize your game witihin these extension time.
Remember that your team should submit the final game by upload following files:
– Final Game Design Document
– Final Game .capx
– Exported final game (HTML5 Web Games) .zip or .rar
Please read again the instructions on this page:
Do your best!